Bed Talks: Unleash Your Inner Stripper


While most honeymoon and post-honeymoon days are bursting with sexy talks, lacy lingerie and silky baby dolls, everyday married life seems to carry more routine and less adventure.

But that’s ok – of course – since you and your husband eventually get caught up in life’s endless chores and responsibilities that you really, and I mean really, have no time for dressing up and being all glamorous around the house, especially if your hands and feet are cold all winter long, just like mine!

I remember meeting one of the girls over a cup of coffee one day and hearing how angry she was that her husband criticized her choice of wardrobe around the house during their second year of marriage.

“He said he hated my pajamas! He wants me to be all dolled up around the house after I come home from work, exhausted and consumed!” she had complained. “I’m not a sex object, you know?” she added.

I instantly understood what she was talking about. I, too, was working full time at that time and although I was not married then, I could not imagine having to “work overtime” by getting all dressed up for my husband.

That was then and we are in the now, and I do have a different view on things. I see all those marriages falling apart, all those partners cheating and all the chaos that life can bring about and I can’t help but wonder: “Is dressing up once or twice a week for the man you are married to, your husband, such a bad things?”

Whether you have a career or you’re a stay at home mother, I’m sure you can always fit some “special hubby time” in your weekly schedule – if not for him or you, then for your relationship at least. It’s not a secret that men get bored and desire change and that monogamy feels kind of unnatural to many of them. It is also not a secret that with all those sexy women parading around on TV and social media, the competition is on the rise.

You have his heart, now you need to fill up his mind – away from the nagging and the bills he needs to pay!

Have you ever tried going into a lingerie shop and just trying on new and sexy styles that you have never dared to try before? Go on, try it. Too shy to ask for help? Choose what you are comfortable in, take it home and try it on. Put on some light make up, dim the lights and meet him at the door, with a smile and a kiss.

He’s not into that? Well, this is just the first tip I have for you. Stay tuned and I’ll surely have something for you soon.


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