Bassel Alzaro Talks About “His Best Acting Experience Ever” In Hollywood’s FBI: International!

It’s -6°C in Budapest, Hungary, and Bassel Alzaro is preparing himself to be picked up at 6 a.m. from the basecamp he’s staying in to head to the filming set of FBI: International.

Feeling lost? Let’s take a step back.

Arab actors making strides in Hollywood are always a source of great pride since they showcase our regional talent in the international TV and film industry. The latest Arab actor joining the lineup is the Egyptian-Jordanian-Palestinian Actor Bassel Alzaro, who’s starring in a Hollywood series, ‘FBI: International.’

Now, if you’re not a TV aficionado, let’s break down why it’s such a big deal, and we’ll also uncover a part of Bassel’s experience, as we’ve heard it firsthand in our interview with him!

FBI: International: Why Is It a Big Deal?

Ranked among the top 10 crime TV series worldwide, ‘FBI: International‘ is a fast-paced American crime drama currently airing on CBS. The show narrates the story of a team of FBI special agents as they investigate crime and terrorism abroad.

Directed by Nina Lopez-Corrado, known for her work on ‘Mindfield,’ ‘The Last of Us,’ and ‘The Mentalist,’ the series boasts an impressive lineup of talent.

It’s also the second spin-off from creator & producer Dick Wolf‘s acclaimed drama ‘FBI’ and the third series in the FBI franchise. Wolf earned numerous accolades, including 2 Primetime Emmy Awards.

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Enters Bassel Alzaro: Starring in Season 3 Episode 2

Alzaro’s extraordinary talent and strong screen presence captured the attention of Hollywood directors and producers, landing him a starring role in Season 3 Episode 2 of FBI: International, titled ‘The Last Stop,’ which aired on Feb 20, 2024.

Bassel portrays a Libyan ex-special forces operative, Hassan Abdullah, imprisoned in a high-security prison in Libya. He’s like the “gangster of the prison.”

Alzaro’s “Best Acting Experience”

Alzaro, former host of X Factor and Entertainment Tonight, shared with us his “different” acting experience while filming in Hollywood.

After auditioning in Dubai and securing the role in FBI: International, he found himself in chilly Budapest, describing his overall shooting experience as “super organized,” “comfortable,” “friendly,” and “supportive.” He was also keen to “represent Egypt and the Middle East” in a positive light.

One of the best things he enjoyed was the “green room,” which refers to a room where actors gather to socialize and eat chocolates. That wasn’t only for luxury, though; it was a “strategic” move so that actors could break the ice and build chemistry, which was reflected in their performances on screen.

Bassel also expressed his appreciation for the entire production experience, highlighting the friendly and supportive atmosphere fostered by the whole crew.

Working with award-winning and visionary director Nina Lopez-Corrado, as well as talented, helpful, and charismatic actors Jeffrey Pierce, Greg Hovanessian, and Luke Kleintank, Alzaro has lived his “best acting experience so far.”

The Fate of Hassan, Alzaro’s Character

P.S. No pure spoilers, but this might be a “spoiler alert.”

Although there are some twists and turns in the episode, the creators of the show changed the fate of Bassel’s character, leaving open the possibility of his return in future episodes, especially as they consider filming in the Middle East.

They probably liked Alzaro’s witty personality, who was always improvising during the shooting. This spontaneity elicited some natural reactions from fellow actors on screen, driving the director to include these improvised shots and even encourage more of such improvisation.

Speaking Libyan

As the episode carries an Arab theme, certain actors, one of whom is Bassel, had to speak ‘Libyan’ in some scenes, necessitating the presence of a language coach to help the cast with this dialect.

Having learned it so well, Alzaro was proud of his Libyan dialect portrayal and received very positive feedback from natives regarding it.

His Recent Projects

Besides breaking new grounds in FBI: International, Alzaro also made waves in other recent projects. He has appeared in the award-winning short movie ‘Reunited‘ and is part of the talent lineup in ‘Between the Lines,’ which is currently topping the charts on Shahid.

He’s also the founder and host of ‘ElPodcasters,’ alongside Karim Rihan, holding insightful weekly conversations with a variety of guests. It’s the first Egyptian podcast to air on Shahid, besides its YouTube channel, too, which is pretty impressive!

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What’s Next?

Bassel revealed that he’s continuing his international acting journey, as he’s currently shooting an action/drama international movie in Turkey, keeping disclosed information at a minimum. We can’t wait to watch his next global step, especially knowing that he auditioned for this so-far secret role while filming FBI: International.

It’s always a pride to see our regional talents excel in the international movie and TV scene!

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