Love Is Blind, Habibi: Will The UAE Version Of The Popular Reality Show Actually Work?

Modern dating isn’t for everyone, especially online dating, which requires snappy judgments and being text savvy. Along with that, attractiveness is key, as first impressions are everything with modern dating.

Forgoing looks and, instead, focusing on one’s personality when finding love is the popular reality show “Love Is Blind,” which was an instant hit when it made its debut in 2020.

Today, it continues to attract viewers and even has versions in Brazil, Japan, and Sweden. Joining the love bandwagon is the UAE whose version will showcase single Arabs in their attempts at finding love.

What The Show Is About

Staged as an experiment, a bunch of singles enter soundproofed pods without getting to actually see each other, meaning that the only way for them to get to know each other is through simple conversation.

After 10 days of talking in pods, each couple decides if they want to continue and get engaged. From there, the engaged couple heads to a honeymoon destination, and if they survive those days, that is when they’re really put to the test.

Each couple goes back to the real world, where they live together for four weeks and, by the end of that time, make the final decision of whether they’ll tie the knot or not.

How Will It Be Adapted For UAE?

Joining its distant cousins “Dubai Bling” and “The Real Housewives of Dubai” later this year is “Love is Blind, Habibi” which will be hosted by Saudi Actress and TV Personality Elham Ali. Audiences will get to follow singles in the UAE as they find real and lasting love.

Just as with the original show, couples will get to meet without ever laying eyes on each other. They’ll get to engage in deep conversations and fall head over heels and even, for some, pop the question, all before seeing each other.

How Will People React?

As with Dubai Bling, many residents felt offended by the content of the show, finding an over-the-top depiction of the elites of the Emirates. Many believed that the show was scripted and that the drama was fake.

Yet, when cast members Safa Siddiqui and Farhana Bodi were explicitly asked about the show, they expressed the contrary, “our interactions were natural and did not involve any interference from the crew or production team.” 

There’s no doubt that “Love is Blind, Habibi” will share Dubai Bling’s fate of criticism and public questioning. The question is: How will the show itself respond back? Only time will tell.

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