Dubai Bling Returns: What You Missed & What To Expect In Season 2

Get ready once again to follow the lives of Dubai’s ultra wealthy elites as Dubai Bling is coming back for another new, highly anticipated season. Expect more lavish cars, parties and a whole lot of drama as the second season of the Dubai reality show is bringing back even more spice than the first season.

Looking back at season 1, we got to meet 10 self-made millionaires as they went about their lavish lives for 8 whole episode. There’s Zeina Khoury, the CEO of Highmark Real Estate and Safa Siddiqui, former real estate agent, now a fashionista married to billionaire Fahad Siddiqui. There’s also TV presenter Lojain Omran, socialite and former model Loujain Adada aka LJ. Along with them are Farhana Bodi, social media influencer and Forever Rose CEO Ebraheem Al Samadi as well as DJ Bliss and his wife, a YouTuber, Danya Mohammed.

Season 1 was pretty action packed with most of the show revolving around heated feuds between the women. There’s everything from the entire clique looking down upon Farhana for having sponsors to how Zeina and Safa made fun of LJ because she did not like her date with Ebraheem. Most of the clique sees LJ as a ‘gold digger’ because of marrying young and not working the way the rest of the group did. That is the main style of the show where you’d see the women pitted against each other.

With season 2 fast approaching, we can expect a continuation of the fiery drama as we’ll get to continue on from the cliffhanger involving Safa Siddiqui and her husband, particularly regarding their expanding family. We’ll also be expecting to see many familiar faces as well as some new ones like that of newcomer US-Iraqi entrepreneur Mona Kattan, the sister of beauty guru Huda Kattan.

The new season is set to premiere on December 13 so be sure to mark your calendars. Season 2 promises all the drama, all the sports cars as well as the exciting mix of love, drama and betrayal.

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