Shortlived & Sudden: Saudi Superstar Amy Roko fired from Dubai Bling’s Second Season

The niqab wearing comedienne, rapper and beauty connoisseur Amy Roko was dropped from the latest season of Dubai Bling. For some time now, the 29-year-old Saudi star had secretly been cast as one of the stars for the second season of Dubai Bling. So far, sources say that the reason behind her leaving the show is that the creators had planned a dating storyline for the star but she felt uncomfortable to participate.

What followed was an email sent by Netflix to Roko saying that they no longer felt that she was the right fit for the role and that they will not be continuing without her in the series. Despite her leaving the show, the star will remain quite busy with a slew of projects under her. Roko is taking up the role of the creative director of Insomnia, owning a fashion label as well as the myriad makeup campaigns planned in the future. With her 1.6 million followers on Instagram, she will continue to take the world of social media by storm, spicing up her feed with her usual comedic skits and fashion forward posts.

When it comes to Dubai Bling, filming is currently taking place for its second season and it seems likely that all the O.G. cast members will return including Khoury, Al Samadi, Farhana Boudi, Kris Fade and his wife Brianna Ramirez.

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