Badya Teams up With Temraza for an Iconic Summer 2021 Product

As we enter summer 2021 on full throttle, Badya has been on its own adventure as well! Losing its trademark wave above the “a,” its safe to say Badya too is on vacation no doubt. So where is the wave going on vacation? Right on the electric blue waters of the Mediterranean at none other than Hacienda White and Hacienda Bay! As it goes for a dip this summer, people will be asked to seek out the location of the vacationing wave, earning a Chums designed by Temraza, as well as winning several on ground activities/activations.

On ground activities/activations

With their presence at Hacienda White and Hacienda Bay, Badya’s Beach Hub will be offering an exciting adventure for those on this scavenging hunt for the lost wave, as well as offering an assortment of all-you-need rentals in order to have a fulfilling and complete summer in 2021. From an ice box to a JBL speaker and other weekly surprises, Badya has you covered! That’s not it though…the activities to follow include volleyball, cruising around the compound or across the beach with scooters, a Lake Yard Spin & Win, and much, much more.

Badya teams up with Temraza

In collaboration with Egypt’s fashion ambassador Temraza and their trendsetting brand Chums, you can rest assure summer 2021 is filled with twists and turns at every corner with innovational and original summer chaise lounges. How does Temraza stand out though? By incorporating a piece of Egyptian culture and embedding it within the chaise lounge, a vibrant and soothing vibe is the result as you lounge back by the sea. With Temraza’s monogram, including the ancient key of life and other renowned Egyptian symbols of the past, history will be made using history itself. Where does Badya’s wave come into all of this? Well, given that it is on holiday after all, it will be illuminating the top of the design in this summer’s iconic and exclusive product. Derived from the “a” in its logo, Temraza used it as the ultimate guiding inspiration in implementing this distinctive expression of art. Symbolizing creativity and empowering the younger generations’ fresh and creative minds, Badya joined forces with Temraza to sponsor creativity as a way of fulfilling their commitment in supporting new and modern culture, and literally makes waves with such an inventive collaboration!

About Badya

Badya, a City of New Worlds, is the new definition of a smart, sustainable integrated city in the heart of 6th of October, and it is the largest and first of its kind project for Palm Hills Real Estate Development, in partnership with the New Urban Communities Authority. Badya provides its residents with diverse services and facilities, including: educational, entertainment, health, and retail activities. The project includes the first university within the new expansions in October, Badya International University, in partnership with the International Medical University of Vienna (MUVI), in addition to a group of international and local schools, as well as the administrative offices and retail stores from supermarkets and hypermarkets, a spa, 5-star hotel, a conference center and a hospital. Besides a partnership contract with Rob Ernest, the global leader in the field of horse stables, to make Badya its exclusive headquarters in Egypt, and a world-class equestrian academy will be established within the Badya project, through which horses and jockeys will be trained on the latest training systems and programs.

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