Back to School 2020 Edition; From Emotional Support to Coronavirus Safety Measures

After months of keeping the kids at home, and speculation about whether they’ll be going to school or not, it’s official, kids will be leaving their bubbles at home and going back to school.

But this back to school season is like no other. While we’re happy to drop them back in classes and have them communicate and socialize with people other than their parents, there are a number of things that they should look out for in order to stay safe and healthy.

Masks and Sanitizers

Make sure to tell your kids not to take off their face masks, or worse, exchange them with their friends for fun, and constantly wash their hands whenever they can. You can also give them a mini sanitizer to keep handy so they don’t forget to keep their hands clean, with some instructions on how to use it properly.


To prevent them from buying junk food from the canteen or the kiosk next to school, give them all the nutrients they need, with healthy snacks like fruits and veggies, especially those that would boost their immune system.


As much as they miss their friends and classmates, as parents, we need to explain to them that for their safety, and the safety of others, they need to keep a safe distance, use only their own stationary, and not share food (just for the time being at least).

Emotional support

Most importantly, let them know that this situation is only temporary, and that the more they follow the instructions given to them, the faster this situation will pass.

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