A Scoop of Hope: Harar Afkarak, a Visual Aid Kit Created for Kids With Autism

One of the most promising graphic designers in Egypt, Heidi Halawa, just launched her latest project, Harar Afkarak. The project serves as a visual aid kit for children with autism to help them express their feelings, needs, and wants, in a simple yet efficient way. Harar Afkarak aims to help the kids become more independent and aid their communication skills, supporting them to live a more normal life as much as possible.

The page was launched just one day ago, but the talented designer has been working on the project for a while. There is still little information available about the project, so you should definitely follow the page to find out more about when and where will you be able to buy the kit. You can also help out by sharing the concept and raising awareness about it. It can possibly make the challenges faced by those with autism and their carers a little bit easier. We’re looking forward to hearing more about this project.

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