Back to our Roots: Crazy Egyptian Remedies for the Common Cold

It’s that time of the year again! If you’re not sick, then you definitely know someone who is. What if we decided to stay away from prescribed medications, and follow some crazy old flu remedies.

Our parents and grandparents swear by these remedies, although we have no clue where most of them came from.


You’ve probably heard this one, if not at home, then definitely in one of the old Egyptian movies. Most of our grandparents believed that placing a newspaper on your chest will cure the flu, but we have no idea where that came from or if it actually works!

Garlic Milk

You cringed, right? From the name itself, we know it’s not tasty, but many say it works. Add minced garlic to warm milk and let us know if your cold got better!

via soyummy

Frankincense or ‘Leban Dakar’

Dissolve Frankincense in water, and you’re good to go, or so they say!

via healthline

Guava Tree Leaves

Boiling guava tree leaves and drinking it as a juice is said to cure your worst colds and coughs. Does it work? Try it out and let us know!

Honey and Lemon Tea

This miracle treatment will ease sore throat; mix honey and lemon with hot tea, and enjoy this magical treatment that will also keep you warm.

We said this: Have you tried any of these crazy cold remedies?

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