Ruler of Dubai Unveils Personal Artwork Collection Depicting Arab Modernism

Art conveys ideas, elicits thought in a variety of ways and celebrates civilizations and incorporates contemporary ideas that are vital to the region’s character and identity of self-expression. The Dubai Collection, a new initiative created by the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, aims to inspire individuals who live and visit Dubai by supporting the growing arts sector.

The Dubai Collection has unveiled its latest artworks which include works from His Majesty Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s collection, the vice president, prime minister, and ruler of Dubai.

The collection brings together magnificent pieces of art from both private and corporate collections for public appreciation and scholarship. Check them out below!

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‘The Six Refugees’ (1960) by Egyptian artist Gazbia Sirry from the private collection of Sheikh Mohammed

The Dubai Collection will feature modern and contemporary art from around the area, outlining a historical survey of Arab modernism and its transition into contemporary trends.

Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairperson of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, commented on the announcement, saying:

“The opening of When Images Speak is an important milestone in the Dubai Collection’s trajectory, as it presents the actualization of an innovative initiative conceptualized right here in Dubai. This could not have happened without the trust of our patrons and their belief in the ambition of this project that seeks to bring art in the Emirate to the public and public spaces in the UAE and abroad; connect patrons with locally based artists; and collectively build Dubai’s art collection supporting its cultural sector.”

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Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, owns the painting ‘Mediterranee’ by Lebanese artist Amine El-Bacha. All images courtesy of Dubai Culture.

She added that showcasing his Highness’s own collection in the first ever physical exhibition further supports the creative sector within Dubai. The exhibition portrays an enriching aspect and narrative of Arab art throughout the 20th century, and underlines the role played by the Gulf region in recording this particular period of art.

Three Thematic Chapters

The exhibition will be divided into three sections, with the artworks serving as archive recordings of their period. In addition, the artworks will be recounting the history of art in the region over the last few decades with overlapping and intersecting themes.

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Shaikha Al Mazrou’s ‘Visual Space’ (2021) from the private collection of Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed
  • The exhibition’s first chapter will look at the theme of abstraction in modern Arab art.
  • The second chapter, Societies in Transition, showcases artists’ explorations of society, history, family, myths, and culture.
  • The exhibition’s third and final component will be titled Evoking the Environment, demonstrating how painting cities became a means of establishing and documenting an ideal nation’s image.
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Sheikh Mohammed’s private collection includes the metallic sculpture ‘Penetration’ by Kuwaiti artist Sami Mohammed.
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A work by Egyptian artist Omar El Negdi from the private collection of Sheikh Mohammed

The focus of the exhibition will be on the UAE’s involvement in chronicling a vibrant intellectual exchange between many of the artists, and the country’s role will be in the active participation in writing the art history of its region.

The Dubai Collection strives to raise awareness and knowledge about the region’s artistic skills and masterpieces. Art is a cherished form of creativity and vision creation all over the world, and these efforts have been made to highlight paintings that capture the actual raw essence of the Middle East.

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