From Turkey to the UK, Amal the Puppet Refugee Spreads Hope for Migrants

The refugee crisis is a worldwide issue in which numerous governments have addressed and still must continue to address. As part of an 8,000km art project surrounding the refugee crisis, a 3.5-meter puppet of a Syrian girl will be traveling across the continent of Europe, commencing from the Syria-Turkey border all the way to the UK.

The Walk is bringing together well-known artists, prominent cultural institutions, community groups, and humanitarian organizations to create one of the most daring and imaginative public art projects ever done.

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The name “Amal” is an Arabic name that means “hope,” a fitting name for this project and precisely what the Puppet Amal represents, hope. The project’s goal is to give refugees around the world hope for a better quality of life and official acknowledgment and was created by the famous South African Handspring Puppet Company.

Little Amal, who represents all displaced children, many of whom have been separated from their family, is traveling over 8,000km to deliver the vital message “Don’t forget about us.”

Amal’s arrival in Greece

Amal’s Story

Amal is a 9-year-old refugee searching for her mother after fleeing her war-torn country, representing hundreds of thousands of Amals, both boys and girls who are looking for ways to get an education and rebuild their lives.

The Walk, which was postponed due to the pandemic at a time when refugees were stranded owing to health related travel restrictions, hopes to redefine the tale of refugees and raise awareness about the ongoing matter.

It is not meant to depict suffering or the bleakness of the situation. On the contrary, it is intended to express pride and identity while also raising awareness about the situation. It is a test of how individuals from various places will react and greet the puppet that represents refugees around the world.

Starting from Turkey, Amal traveled to Germany, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, France, and the UK, a unique voyage that highlights many of the reactions and misunderstandings people from various cultures have.

While Amal has been welcomed in many places, she has been faced with criticism and violence in others. This is due to many individuals and political groups’ unwillingness to admit refugees into their country. As a result, Amal’s goal was to shine a light on these individuals in order to show the rest of the world problems that ignite from this matter, such as violence and intolerance towards refugees. These issues must be addressed and include proper dialogue to tackle the crisis, as well as to dispel any misconceptions people may hold towards refugees.

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