A Scoop of Hope: Jordan Among First Countries to Vaccinate Refugees, Paving the Path to Unity

Jordan has recently begun vaccinating refugees, making them one of the first nations globally in this initiative, according to confirmed reports by the UNHCR. Raia Alkabasi, an Iraqi refugee currently living in the city of Irbid, was one of the first refugees to be vaccinated not only in Jordan, but globally as well. Meanwhile the UN’s High Commissioner, Filippo Grandi, has saluted this inspiring move, further stating that all other nations should follow Jordan’s lead as an example of respectable leadership and as a step towards solidarity with humanity.

A Vaccination for Humanity

Other nations have also undertaken a similar initiative in vaccinating displaced people. In addition, Jordan has taken into consideration refugees and asylum seekers residing in their country to be included in the public health system during the pandemic. Everyone within their boundaries are entitled to the national vaccination program which is completely free of charge. Jordan implemented strict measures to be followed to slow the curb of COVID-19, and statistics show that almost 2,000 refugees had tested positive. These measures ensured maintaining the utmost priority of protecting vulnerable groups such as these refugees and the facilities housing them.

A History of Hospitality

Jordan has been known in the past to be extremely hospitable as well as offer decent conditions towards asylum seekers. An example of this gesture was also shown towards the Palestinians during the 1970s. The Kingdom of Jordan is in close cooperation with the UNHCR, who have been actively advocating globally for the vaccines to be available for highly vulnerable groups. An initiative also lead by the COVAX Facility that not only emphasizes the inclusion of vaccinations towards refugees, but also towards poorer countries.

Jordan yet again has paved the way for respect and empathy towards humanity!

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