Jessica Kahawaty Attends Her Third U.N. Humanitarian Mission in Jordan

The beautiful Lebanese-Australian Model and Influencer Jessica Kahawaty recently went on a trip to Jordan’s Al-Azraq refugee camp near the Syrian borders. Her visit was to raise awareness about the hardship that families face on a daily basis. Hosted by UNICEF, Kahawaty posted several Instagram stories sharing glimpses of her visit to the camp, including information about the various educational programs that are taking place.

Kahawaty was introduced to a simple impoverished Palestinian neighborhood where she visited a small kindergarten that was built by UNICEF. “There, I instantly noticed how much this institution acts as a haven for all the young children; a place with colors, toys, paint, and an atmosphere that lets them feel like kids again. It seems that for a moment they can forget the hardship of their realities. I felt the strong value of the UNICEF schools to help keep children off the streets and guide them towards the opportunity of a better path,” she said.

Via: Vogue Arabia

She also had the chance to visit the student innovation lab; it’s where kids mainly worked on social projects as a way to better the community of the camp they live in. Projects included a mobile library where people can borrow books in exchange of money, a time bank where two people exchange time and skills and a sustainable project where they recycled materials to create accessories that are ready to wear. “I was truly taken to see that even in their difficult circumstances and setbacks in education, these students still have the mindset of the forward-thinking generation they were born into,” Kahawaty said.

Via: Vogue Arabia

Jessica Kahawaty was not the only charitable celebrity to visit Syrian refugee camps; the amazing British Singer Dua Lipa shared an emotional video earlier this week after spending around three days at various refugee camps in Lebanon. Adam Sandler also paid a visit to a refugee camp as well as the beautiful Angelina Jolie, who’s well known for such activities.


WE SAID THIS: “My goal and work with UNICEF is to showcase to as many people as I can reach the potential that these kids have and to give them what they deserve.”  -Jessica Kahawaty