Bassem Youssef’s Latest Web-series Plant B Might Literally Change Your Life!

One of the most influential figures in the Arab World, Bassem Youssef, has always produced high-quality content for his fans and followers all around the world. His content has always been useful, critical, and extremely entertaining. From B+ on YouTube, then ‘Barnameg El Barnameg’, his documentary Tickling Giants, his book ‘Revolution for Dummies,’ all the way to his talks and shows!

For this Ramadan, the surgeon who became a leading comedian is introducing a new web-series, Plant B!

Plant B is a new show that aims to improve the current global health crisis through Plant-Based Diet. It’s bringing viewers information from some of the world’s most respected doctors, researchers, and individuals who successfully changed their lives after following a Plant-Based Diet. 

Over the past few decades, our diets and food trends have changed drastically. Unfortunately, it didn’t change in a good way. From earth-grown, nutritious foods, to highly processed, genetically modified foods. This has directly increased the rates of obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases. Watching the show is an opportunity to get influenced by the healthy food advocate and lead a healthier life by following a rich and nutritious diet.

WE SAID THIS: We’re excited to see whether or not the show will impact the eating habits and trends of the Arab world.