A Treat for the Soul: 15 places in Central Europe you Must See With Your Own Eyes!

Europe is a treasure trove of history and culture, with endless destinations to explore. It is endlessly attractive to all types of travelers. The central part of Europe is a place filled with incredibly beautiful countries. You can find many interesting places to spend time and enjoy these destinations! In this list, you can get acquainted with the 15 most breathtaking places in the countries in Central Europe.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

About 150 years ago, the first stone was laid in Bavaria for Neuschwanstein – the royal residence that became one of the most important landmarks throughout Germany.

The castle was not built for practical purposes, but simply at the wish of monarch Ludwig II. A huge amount of money was spent on the construction, so the Germans now joke: to pay it off, every inhabitant of the planet needs to visit this place at least once.

Almost all of us browsing the beautiful clip arts on the internet have probably more than once came across pictures of this castle. Indeed, the castle isn’t inferior to its graceful graphic images in reality. As if floating above the impregnable mountains, Neuschwanstein Castle’s enchanting facade captures your eye and never lets it go.

Hallstatt, Austria

From Germany, let’s move on to Austria. After all, this is where a unique old place is located, which is called a fairy-tale town. Halstatt is an idyllic, magical and pastoral village lost in the Alps in the region of Gmunden, Salzkammergut. So beautiful that the Chinese have built a complete replica of it, with all the houses and courtyards. Here you can just dissolve in the beauty of nature. By the way, this entire region is protected by UNESCO.

Interestingly, Galstat was originally a hard-to-reach salt mine, and it’s been done here for 5,000 years. Thanks to the efforts of the Austrians, Lake Hallstatt is now as clean as it was in previous millennia, and that is one of must-see Austria’s attractions!

Bükk National Park, Hungary

Take a train from Vienna to Budapest, then go to Northern Alfölde, where another wonderful place is located. It is a unique natural park with picturesque landscapes on the slopes of the mountain range of the same name near the town of Miskolc. It is here that the most extensive network of hiking trails in the country is located, and the Hungarians often come here to spend a weekend alone with nature. The picturesque hills are mostly covered with untouched beech forests. In addition, the national park contains the deepest cave in Hungary.

Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Lake Geneva, or as it is called in France, Lake Leman – can rightly be called the heart of Western Switzerland. The waters here are crystal clear and every year they attract thousands of tourists to spend their vacations in this magnificent atmosphere. The lake, by the way, is the largest in the Alps and is famous for its bizarre crescent shape.

Quarry Great America, Czech Republic

It’s a place where the famous Czech western “Lemonade Joe” was filmed, a picturesque system of limestone quarries located near the Karlštejn Castle only 33 km from Prague. The entire area is part of the Karlštejn National Nature Reserve and is part of a paleontological area of international importance as well. It is interesting that all this beauty is the work of human hands!

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Where next? Go to Slovenia! Lake Bled is one of the must-see places in Slovenia and is the country’s calling card. The unique beauty of nature, mild climate, and thermal waters of the lake attract visitors here year-round. To fully appreciate the beauty of Bled, we recommend climbing one of the hills, come upstairs to the castle, or sailing boats that wait for tourists on the shore. You will be blown away by this experience!

Devin Castle, Slovakia

Let’s move on to beautiful Slovakia. Devin Castle on the banks of the Danube stands on the very outskirts of Bratislava in a picturesque place, and on the other side of the river begins the territory of Austria. But more precisely, the castle has not retained its integrity to this day. However, neither this fact nor its location prevents it from being one of the three most popular attractions in Bratislava and Slovakia. It is now an open-air museum that will not leave you indifferent to such a wonderful experience!

Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk, Poland’s most famous seaport and one of Europe’s top tourist destinations is situated on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The city boasts many important attractions which include historic cathedrals, medieval ports as good cafes perfect for any traveler. Immerse yourself in the unforgettable atmosphere of this amazing Polish city!

Matterhorn, Switzerland/Italy

“Only mountains can be better than mountains!” And nothing is better than the Matterhorn. This is a very unusual mountain, the height of which is 4,478 meters. It is the highest peak in Europe. Matterhorn is located near the border between Italy and Switzerland, 10 km from the village of Zermatt. The main distinguishing feature of this site is its pyramidal shape, which gives it an otherworldly beauty and strangeness.

 Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most picturesque cities in Europe, which has preserved its medieval charm. It can be found in the northwest of the country on five hills divided by the Vltava River into eight islands. The city has been an important cultural, economic, and political center for centuries. For each tourist, Prague will be different, special, but it’s definitely worth visiting.

Piran, Slovenia

Get to know a small cozy and incredibly beautiful coastal town in Slovenia. The very first glance will leave you a feeling of festivity and joy as if you are caught up in a medieval fairy tale. Here, everywhere you go, you will be surrounded by ancient buildings, mostly in Venetian style. And on every corner are atmospheric cafes and restaurants.

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

There is no place in Europe more stunning than the Swiss valley. Everything here is perfect: mountain waterfalls, snow-covered cliff tops, cozy cottages – you can feel the coziness and warmth of home.

Hochosterwitz Castle, Austria

This castle is considered one of the most beautiful in Austria and the most impregnable in Europe. It is a masterpiece of the medieval art of defensive constructions. The Hochosterwitz Castle majestically rises on a cliff 160 meters high and catches everyone’s eye.

Saxon Switzerland Mountains, Germany

There is a stunningly beautiful national park in the Elbe Valley on the border of Saxony and the Czech Republic. The view from these mountain ranges is extremely beautiful and you should definitely see it with your own eyes!

The High Tatras, Poland/Slovakia

Zakopane, a Polish town in the High Tatras Mountains is an ideal destination for those looking to experience breathtaking mountain scenery. The Tatra National Park is home to the largest lake, Morskie Oko. The picturesque scenery of this area provides for an unforgettable experience.

Europe is a treasure trove of the most beautiful places on Earth, so with this list, it’s time to go start your unforgettable journey!

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