Arab Shows To Binge On With Family During Eid

When it comes to Eid, there are several traditions that are practiced annually. Whether it is the eating of too much meat, the collecting of edeyah (money given from family and friends), or new clothes; these traditions are what make Eid particularly special. However, there is one tradition that makes Eid entertaining just as much as it is wholesome; watching television shows with the family. From genres ranging to romance, family and other light-hearted assortments. After careful review, we bring you the five best Arab shows to binge on this holiday.


Lebanese show, “Caramel” centers around Maya played by Maguy Bou Ghosn who eats a caramel, and the next thing she notices she’s become a telepath. Now able to listen to every man’s inner thought, she’s able to use this to her advantage once she meets Raga played by Dhafer L’Abidine. She’s one step ahead of him in the game of love; the show is witty and highlighted through Maya’s funny and flamboyant character who is too honest for her own good.

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As If It Were Yesterday (Kaeno Embareh)

“As If It Were Yesterday” is an Egyptian show adapted from Peru’s “El Regreso de Lucas” or “The Return of Lucas”. The show tracks the return of Lucas or in the Egyptian adaptation, Ali, played by Mohamed Sharnouby. Ali gets to know his family again after he’d been gone from their lives for his entire upbringing. The family begin to question if Ali is this really their son, and where was he really all these past years? Ali’s character comes across as kind, even naïve at times but it seems there is another side to the mysterious character. Filled with mystery, one plot twist following the other, “As If It Were Yesterday” is the perfect show to binge on for the well thought out elements of surprise.

Beirut Bride (Arous Beirut)

In the Lebanese show, “Beirut Bride” we follow the Daher family; focusing on Fares played by Dhafer L’Abidine and his relationship with Thoreya played by Carmen Bsaibes. The beautiful couple’s love unfolds despire Daher’s overbearing mother, Laila played by Takla Chamoun who has an opinion on everything including whether Thoreya is the right fit for Fares? Tracking the ups and downs of this relationship along with the drama that ensues for each character this is one show that you won’t get tired of watching, it is hard to pin down the genre; constantly flip-flopping between romance to suspense to familial warmth.

Ms. Farah (Al Anesa Farah)

The Egyptian family show, “Ms. Farah” follows Farah played by Asma Abulyazeid, a perfectionist who has her life turned upside down once she gets artificially inseminated leading her to become pregnant. This out of the box story shows Farah, as she deals with her pregnancy, the relationship with the birth father and handling it all with her fiancé; told in magical realism with one unforgettable narrator, “Ms. Farah” is like a warm cup of hot chocolate that is all about family and multi-generational stories.

For Better or For Worse (Ala Al Hilwa Wa Al Morra)

Lebanese drama, “For Better Or For Worse” follows Dana played by Dana Mardini, a wedding planner, who gets stood up at the alter by Rayan played by Nicolas Mouawad. Heartbroken, she takes a step back from her job and life altogether. Until one day, she decides to resume her career and fate has it that the wedding she happens to be planning is her ex-fiance’s, only she pretends to not know him. Filled with drama and romance, “For Better or For Worse” is a show that just has you flipping one episode after the other, wondering if these two will get back together and why did he leave her?

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