AP Report Implicates Qatar in Espionage Scandal Over FIFA World Cup 2022

Almost eleven years ago, Qatar was picked to host the FIFA World Cup 2022, which is one of the most prestigious sport tournaments in the world, if not the most prestigious. However, a shocking piece of reporting from AP News, revealed that Qatar used spies for years to gather information on leading football officials in order to become the host of the FIFA world Cup 2022. The investigation incorporated several interviews with different associates who are accused of aiding in this conspiracy.

This is a problem that has concerned high-ranking officials in Washington, as it is not the first time that former US intelligence operatives have gone to work for foreign nations.

AP’s findings conclude that Qatar hired former CIA officer contractor Kevin Chalker, who spied on the peninsular nation’s rivals in the bid to host the World Cup; he’s also implicated in spying on crucial football officials in FIFA back in 2010. The investigation was solely based on a series of interviews with Chalker’s former associates as well as his contracts, emails, and business documents that they had found.

One former associate of Chalker even said:

That was all part of his allure. This guy is selling all these young wealthy Qataris who are playing spy games with him.

Chalker’s Former Associate via AP News,

In response, Qatar has denied all of these allegations of using spies in the process of winning the bid to host the FIFA World Cup 2022, claiming that these are all rumors spread around to weaken Qatar’s position within the world of football and the sports industry. The truth, however, must be spoken and the probe is far from complete.

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