An Intimate Reception: Here’s How The Moroccan Royal Family Tied The Knot On Valentine’s Day

Social media users across the Arab world were thrilled to celebrate the latest royal wedding, and one of the most intimate ones as well. Lalla Nouhaila Bouchentouf, King Mohammed VI’s niece and daughter of Princess Lalla Asma, married Ali El Hajji. The Valentine’s Day wedding was only attended by family members due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19. In a royal emerald green kaftan embellished with gold stitching, the princess and her groom were holding hands in a photo released by the Moroccan state media.

King Mohammed VI, Princess Lalla Asma’s brother, gave his blessing to the couple in celebration of their marriage. The bride also wore a stunning tiara that held her veil in place, along with statement emerald, and gold jewelry to match her wedding look. On the other hand, the groom wore a white Moroccan traditional ‘djellaba,’ making him look simple, yet handsome.

Nouhaila does not bear the title of Royal Highness or Princess. However, she does possess the honorary title of Lalla Cherifa. Like her mother, she is known for her humanitarian and philanthropic work.

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