An Arab-Fueled Roundup Of The Biggest Happenings To Look Forward To In 2023

With a new year comes endless possibilities as we get ready for the regular dose of annual events that mark our calendars. Beyond that, if 2022 was anything to go by, we have a feeling that 2023 will be another big year for the Arab community as yet again, some of the biggest events and happenings will take place across the region. Everything from the renowned Academy Awards to the Biennial Men and Women’s Arab Fashion Week will be making a comeback, placing Arab voices and creators in the limelight. It’s time to see everything to look forward to during the upcoming new year.

A Hefty Dose Of Attractions

Chinatown is making a landing in Dubai

All across the world whether in the streets of New York or London, you are prone to find a district within the expansive city that mirrors the daily life present in China. Dubbed Chinatown, this mini microcosm of Chinese life boasts many of the core features of the country including Chinese stores, restaurants and services. Very soon, that very same district will be making its way to Dubai, giving residents and visitors a taste of what life is like in Chinese communities.

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Dubai’s Chinatown will be a little different though because it will be housed in the Emirate’s largest shopping center, Dubai mall so will exude a more modern and luxurious air. So far, the attraction is under construction and plans to boast Chinese-inspired architecture including red-fronted doors and curved roofs as well as corridors lined with red lanterns.

The long-awaited opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum

The splendid Alabaster complex currently standing tall near the legendary pyramids of Giza will become the coolest and biggest museum dedicated to a single civilization, that of ancient Egypt. The Grand Egyptian Museum is finally getting the opening it deserves in 2023 after more than 20 years of anticipation and it will definitely not disappoint. Boasting a total of 24,000 m² of exhibition space which is equivalent to six football pitches, the museum will be home to more than 100,000 artifacts, many of which have never been witnessed by the public.

Once inside, looking up, guests will be met with the 12m statue of King Ramses II whose previous home was the square near Cairo’s train station. Keeping their gaze high up, guests will also see a large staircase lined with 60 statues. It’s a treasure trove of history as everywhere you look, you will be graced with one artifact or another including the full collection of Tutankhamun’s artifacts that were discovered back in 1922. Such a significant museum will definitely become an intrinsic landmark of Egyptian society.

A Dip Into The Fashion World

Zuhair Murad Pre-Fall Collection 2023

The Arab world is known to churn out fashion aficionados who exude a unique talent that is not only appreciated within the region but across the globe. Certain names have become iconic including Elie Saab, the Lebanese fashion designer known for his ultra-feminine flowing gowns that were worn by some of the biggest names including Halle Berry’s sheer Burgundy gown that was worn during the 2002 Oscars.

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Zuhair Murad is another name that is on everyone’s radar and just like Saab, he is considered a secret weapon of the red carpet’s hottest stars with his unique collections worn by everyone from Beyoncé at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards to Kerry Washington at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Blessing us with his talent, he launched his special pre-fall collection for 2023, showcasing an unorthodox pairing of Alex in Wonderland vibes mixed in with the bright exuberant in-your-face aesthetic of American Interior designer Dorothy Draper. His entire collection screams whimsical with chromatic hearts and diamonds splayed on everything from tulle to lace. This is a mere taster of what is yet to come as the fashion maverick will soon release his fall collection in February, giving us more to look forward to as we await to see which celebrities will don his latest looks.

Men’s and Women’s Arab Fashion Week

The world of fashion is making a big splash yet again with the upcoming 2023 Men and Women’s Arab Fashion Week hitting up Dubai, considered one of the world’s most important fashion weeks alongside Milan, New York and London Fashion Weeks. If last year was any indication, the upcoming shows will showcase some of the rich inborn talents of Arab designers across the region including the Libyan-based label born in exile and the UAE-based sustainable streetwear brand The Giving Movement who took the runway last year where they reinvented sustainable athleisure with the debut of FiftyMade.

The same level of artistry, innovation and sustainability is expected during the upcoming four shows that are making their way to Dubai. The lineup will include the Women’s Fall/ Winter 2023/24 and the Spring/Summer 2024 shows as well as the Men’s Fall/Winter 2023/24 and Spring/Summer 2024 shows.

A Celebration Of All Things Cinema

Arab Films Spring Boardeded For The Oscars

Considered the most prestigious and renowned celebration of the film industry, the Oscars are coming back again for their 95th edition set to take place on March 12, 2023. As with every year, foreign and International films receive their much-needed recognition during the awards ceremony with eight Arab films making an appearance during last year’s edition including Egypt’s dramatic film “Soad.”

This year, will also be seeing Arab films celebrated and recognized with Moroccan filmmaker, Maryam Touzani’s “The Blue Caftan” short-listed for the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film. Also making the cut in that very same category is Egyptian-Swedish filmmaker, Tarik Saleh’s “Cairo Conspiracy” which revolves around Adam, a fishermen’s son who while studying at the Al-Azhar University in Cairo ends up becoming a pawn in a power struggle between Egypt’s religious and political figures. From Jan. 12 to 17, voting for the nominations will take place and results will be out on January 24th.

The Action Packed 2023 Sports Lineup

The Highly Anticipated 2023 FIFA Club World Cup

Under the reigning shadow of Qatar’s 2022 World Cup, a sporting event that placed the biggest spotlight on the Arab community, another up-and-coming event taking place on Arab soil will yet again place the region under the global spotlight. Set to take place starting from Feb. 1 to 11, the 2023 FIFA Club World Cup is making its way to Morocco and will see seven clubs including Real Madrid (Spain), Al Ahly (Egypt), Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia) and Auckland City (New Zealand) battle it out in a 11-day tournament.

The first game will see Egypt’s Al Ahly and New Zealand’s Auckland City go head to head followed by a match between Seattle Sounders and the winner of the first match. For the entire match schedule, you can head to FIFA’s official website to find all the details including tickets.

A Horse-Fueled Extravaganza At The 2023 Saudi Cup

Nothing beats the rush and speedy gallop of a horse as it approaches the finish line. Bringing that very spirit and sportsmanship to a full-fledged sporting event is the upcoming 2023 Saudi Cup which will see horses participating from more than 22 countries. Spanning two days, the horses will be participating at the King Abdelaziz Racecourse in Riyadh with horses from Japan, US and UAE predicted to dominate the rest of the entries.

All these events have not even scratched the surface of what is yet to come in 2023 for the Arab community. There is much more in store as with every year, we will get to celebrate the finest in film during the 45th edition of the Cairo International Film Festival as well as the biggest artists during Dubai and Cairo Design week. Stay tuned for yet another exciting year ahead.

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