Ahmed Khaled Tawfik’s “Ma Waraa El-Tabiaa” is Finally Coming to Netflix

Today is a great day for fiction lovers and Ahmed Khaled Tawfik’s die-hard fans. Egypt, and the Arab World at large, have recently lost one of their most iconic writers of horror and science fiction, Refaat Ismail, who was also the first writer to introduce the medical horror genre to the region.

Ahmed Khaled Tawfik’s series Ma Waraa Al-Tabiaa follows the story of a retired and sarcastic doctor, Refaat Ismail, who encounters unexplained paranormal experiences. The series included stories from 81 novels, among them being his last ever published work released in 2014, selling over 15 million copies.

Netflix Middle East and North Africa just announced that the novels will be coming to Netflix as a series very soon. Directed by Amr Salama and produced by Mohamed Hefzy, the show might be aired by the beginning of 2020. We’ve been patiently waiting to hear this since news first came out in 2016 that the series is coming to life.

Salama explained in an interview with Showtime that he will not take the conventional 30-episode approach that we are familiar with when it comes to a mosalsal.

The annual Ramadan season has been an unpleasant experience for the director, where deadlines and long working hours get in the way of the quality presented to viewers. The director’s comment refers to last year’s incident while shooting Tayea, where executive director, Robert Talaat, reportedly lost his life due to a heart attack caused by exhaustion.

Netflix seems like the right place for such a show as the streaming platform is known for producing some exceptional paranormal series.

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