First Ever Egyptian Female Directors Forum to Be Held This August

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By Muhammed Aladdin.

With a message of empowerment through creativity and innovation, the National Council for Women (NCW), in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, will launch the firstever forum for female Egyptian directors.

Nearly two months before its official inauguration, the NCW’s president, Dr Maya Morsi, stated that the initiative aims to provide women with equal opportunities and representation in the domestic film industry.

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She went on to praise the efforts of culture minister H.E. Enas Abdeldayem for making this possible, noting her as a role model for other women to follow.

According to Dr Morsi, women are now experiencing a ‘golden age’ as the country makes efforts to advance women’s roles in Egyptian society, and today, more women are aware of their immense contribution and sacrifices. The current cabinet has more women than any other in history, and with each passing day, we hear of Egyptian women going beyond stereotypes to hold leadership positions in a myriad of fields.

From her end, H.E. Enas Abdeldayem announced the initiative during the opening ceremony of the second forum of young directors, which was held under the theme of “theater for the public”. The minister asked the General Authority for Cultural Palaces to facilitate Egypt’s first female directors’ forum through preparing workshops and classes in screenwriting, filming, directing, and many more filmmaking-related skills.

The forum looks forward to integrating women from all over Egypt, especially in the governorates to make sure women in the Nile Delta, Upper Egypt, and Sinai have a greater role in the country’s film industry.

This isn’t the only effort the government has undertaken. In fact, during the 40th edition of the Cairo International Film Festival, organizers announced establishing a new category for female Arab directors, and the Egyptian feature “Nawara” was chosen to be screened.

Egyptian women have proven themselves to be capable filmmakers with female directors such as Kamla Abu Zekry, Sandra Nashaat, and Hala Khalil, who consistently create masterpieces that have already resonated with audiences.

WE SAID THIS: This is great news for women all over Egypt!