Abla Fahita Just Turned Blonde and Egyptian Stylists Need to Take Notes

Egypt’s most notorious puppet, our divalicious widow, the only woman who managed to flawlessly blend kink, sass and humor, Abla Fahita, just had a make over and we all need to sit down. Long gone are the hair rollers that have been gracing her head ever since we met her, and helloo Regina George!


Via Abla Fahita


This is hands down the definition of styling. Excuse us stylists of Egypt, but we are not impressed by your skills. This is what we need people, you going all Nihal Zaki – Fahita’s stylist- on us, and dress us up like the hot Parisienne that we are. We need stylists that can help us unleash our inner man eaters.


Sequined beret? YAAAS! Nihal Zaki’s vintasia accessories? YAAAAS! A loose basic shirt instead of Hany ElBeheiry’s dress? Oh hell YAAAAS! And look at those shades, like I know I want to have one, but I can never work it like our Abla. Ugh, I’m so bad at this, I definitely need a stylist as well.



WE SAID THIS: Watch and learn stylists of the Middle East, this is the real deal.