A Scoop of Hope: NGO Hand in Hand Offers Amputees In Egypt A Better Quality Of Life

Due to the rising numbers of amputees within the nation, and with the unfortunate fact of high costs for available prosthesis, the non-profit organization (NGO), Hand in Hand, comes to the rescue seeking to redefine the quality of life for amputees. The Cairo based NGO decided to offer 3D printed prosthetic devices to those affected, absolutely free of charge.

With this approach, low-income families around the nation who are unable to perform their daily activities will be offered another chance at a better quality of life, thanks to the persistent efforts by this organization.

Hand in Hand Vision

Hand in Hand’s mission is what pushes them to expand across the country and improve the quality of life for those who may be physically constrained in their lives. This mission stems from their founding roots of giving amputees more control over their bodies. Their dedication to providing life-changing experiences is unquestionably heartwarming as they prioritize their patients in everything they do and use technology to inspire others.

Targets and Feedback

At the moment, the feedback received by patients is of the utmost priority, allowing the organization to gain a more in depth understanding into how else they may be of service. The feedback that has been received included creating more life-like prosthesis, which was well received. Replicating a patient’s existing limbs is currently in the works, as well as working towards matching the variety of skin tones from the Egyptian population.

Not only do the amputee populations in Egypt receive free prosthetic devices, but the organization ensures they receive psychological assistance, as well as life-long maintenance. As the organization continues its endeavor in innovative product and service development, they aim to provide these services to people across Egypt.

Facts & Figures

According to Hand in Hand, the registered causes of amputation in Egypt are mainly results of accidents and diseases, such as diabetes, bone cancer and genetic diseases. The organisation conducted a study and the approximate number of amputations in Egypt currently exceeds one million cases with the percentages divided into 20 percent children from 5-18 years old, 50 percent from 18-40 years and 75 percent due to accidents and negligence in safety procedures.

Journey of the Amputees

Amputees go through a special process to receive their their Prosthetic Device as they first have to access the NGO’s website or call their official number (+201029013144) then send a picture and a video of what they need to ensure that the device can be manufactured. Then, after receiving a confirmation from the foundation, an appointment is set for the patient to visit the foundation at one of its head offices; either Abdel Moneim Riad Street in El Agouza or Tanta Street in El Agouza as well.

The patient then endures a physical and psychological assessments while personal data and any required documents are taken. They then receive the prosthetic device and are then asked for monthly and annual follow-ups for any maintenance required.

The work Hand in Hand does demonstrates how amputees can improve their quality of life and physical capabilities. You can support them in their noble mission by making an online donation on their official website.

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