A Scoop of Hope: Meet Yousef, the Young Boy With Autism Who ‘Speaks’ Through Food and Spices

Across the world, there are many positive examples that give us hope in a better world and a better tomorrow. Yousef is one of those people. Yousef is a thirteen-year-old non-verbal young man who has been diagnosed with Autism since the age of two. Due to his love for cooking and baking, he founded ‘Yousef Speaks Spices’ along with his mother, where he shares his passion with the public through making spices and selling them in the US where they currently live.

We have filled so many orders and Yousef packed each one with his love and grace. ❤️. Thank you everyone. #yousefspeaksspices#autism

Posted by Yousef Speaks Spices on Sunday, September 20, 2020

Through their platform on Facebook, they share the spices they make, as well as special meals and dishes cooked with these spices. Sometimes, they even announce some specials, such as free shipping and other attractive offers.

Tonight we used Yousef’s French Fry spice on our sheet pan Salmon and Veggies dinner. That spice is just good on anything. Happy Monday everyone. ❤️#yousefspeaksspices

Posted by Yousef Speaks Spices on Monday, September 28, 2020

“When COVID-19 happened and we were all stuck at home, I needed to help Yousef feel like he had a routine in his day. I also wanted to work on his working skills, so I decided I’d be his job coach. Yousef does all the work with my guidance, but after several months he’s got it down to a science. It’s very neat to watch,” said Ezdahar Tamsamani, Yousef’s mom. “All we wanted to achieve from this is experience, and Yousef doing what he loves to do. He’s amazing and so dedicated to his spice business,” she added.

Yousef Speaks Spices was founded by Yousef and his mother. Yousef is a thirteen year old non verbal young man who has…

Posted by Yousef Speaks Spices on Sunday, September 6, 2020

Yousef Speaks Spices currently ships only in the United States and Canada, however, international shipping may be something they “will work on in the future.”

Yay it’s Free Shipping Weekend!!! All Spices are $5 each. Message us to place your order. Thanks everyone! #smallbusinessowner #cooking #spices #autism#yousefspeaksspices

Posted by Yousef Speaks Spices on Saturday, September 26, 2020

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