In Pictures: The Beauty and Originality of Traditional Ethiopian Weddings

The Ethiopian culture is one of the richest cultures in Africa. And since weddings are often a grand occasion, Ethiopian ceremonies are spectacular events that have beautiful sights to see.

The traditional Ethiopian wedding is called ‘Telosh’. Once the groom and his best man arrive at the bride’s house, a customary song is sung, signaling that no one is allowed to enter the house. Moments later, the groom is given consent to enter. Prior to the wedding, the groom and his family shower the bride with presents, including the wedding dress and some jewelry.

One of the most astonishing traditions in Ethiopian weddings is the knee-kissing. Grandparents of the bride and groom, and other elders pressing at the wedding party, sit in a row, and the couple bow to kiss elders knees, as a sign of respect. In return, the elders give the couple their blessing. Approximately two-thirds of the Ethiopian population is Christian, so a priest is normally present to bless the couple.

Scroll down to see photos of an Ethiopian wedding, taken by Photo and Video Journalist, Asmaa Gamal.

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