Nadeen Ashraf of Assault Police Makes it to The New York Times

This year, Egyptians witnessed one of the biggest campaigns against rape and sexual harassment in the country, some even called it the Egyptian #MeToo Movement. Although several social media influencers and advocates supported the campaign, one voice stood louder than all the others because it was vocal when many weren’t. Two days ago, this voice was internationally recognized by being featured on The New York Times, and that is the voice of Nadeen Ashraf, a 22-year-old Philosophy major and Founder of Assault Police.

According to the article, Ashraf created an Instagram page calling out a man accused of sexual harassment and assault, among other things. “Within a week, it had 70,000 followers,” noted NYT.

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Ahmed Bassam Zaki is a sexual predator who preyed on a shocking number of women and underage girls all around Egypt. He has been getting away with it for 5 years now, facing NO consequences for his actions. He ridiculed and blackmails his victims. Together, we can gather a large database of evidence of his harassment & assaults. Dm us any evidence you have or would like to share. We maintain STRICT anonymity unless you approve otherwise. Swipe left for a history of institutions Ahmed has attended. If you were experienced any harassment at these institutions by Ahmed, PLEASE come out! . . . احمد بسام زكي هو متحرش و مغتصب، اتحرش بعدد صادم من البنات و القاصرات في مصر. متحاسبش او واجه اي عواقب لأفعاله لمدة ٥ سنين! مش بس كدا،هو كمان بيبتز ضحاياه بعد الواقعة و بيهددهم بالفضيحة لو معملوش اللي هو عايزه. البيدج دي هي مجموعة من الأدلة و الشهادات من البنات اللي ارتكب ضدهم الجرائم البشعة دي.. على امل ان احنا نقدر نخليه يواجه افعاله. لو في حد عايز يحكي قصته مع احمد.. ممكن يبعت DM للبيج و اسمه مش هيتحط في اي مكان. في البوست موجود list بكل الجامعات اللي احمد بيرتادها. لو حد من الجامعات او المؤسسات دي اتعرض لأي مضايقة من احمد، ارجوكم اتكلموا و متسكتوش.

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Assault Police was one of the main platforms exposing the crimes perpetrated by the AUC graduate, Ahmed Bassam Zaki, who was identified as a sexual predator, assaulting, harassing, and even blackmailing a shocking number of girls and boys. As a result of the efforts of this platform, along with many others, Zaki was finally arrested and is currently awaiting trial.

The Instagram page later also shed light on the infamous “Fairmont Incident”, where a group of men drugged and raped a young woman during a party at the Fairmont, and recorded video evidence that was later widely circulated among their circles.

WE SAID THIS: We’re so proud of you, Nadeen!