After the Major Success of BeFit 360 in Cairo, the Popular Fitness Concept Has Moved to Dubai

Via Instagram

Fitness enthusiasts in Dubai are in for a huge treat! Arguably the most successful fitness concept in the region, BeFit 360, just opened there last Friday!

BeFit 360 is Egypt’s leading fitness entity, offering premium health & fitness services while creating a memorable customer experience. They are firm believers in the power of health and fitness in changing people’s lives every day.

However, not only people in Dubai are happy for importing the concept, the move was a win for everyone. It was a win for the brand’s loyal athletes in Egypt that kept supporting it till it went big. It’s also huge motivation for other local brands that can see how a successful concept can surpass borders.

BeFit 360 in Dubai is hosted at Seven Gym, one of the most luxurious facilities in the UAE. The official page of BeFit posted pictures and videos from the first class to take place in Dubai, and it looks like they are killing it already. If you’re currently residing in Dubai and thinking about trying out the new concept, you can follow their Instagram page, to get all the updates and check out the monthly schedule.

WE SAID THIS: The fitness game in Dubai will be totally changed!