A Scoop of Hope: Celebrities Around the World Are Counting Candles of Hope Instead of Coronavirus Cases

Via Startups Without Borders

Lebanese-born Palestinian/Canadian Chaker Khazaal is a reporter, speaker, award-winning author, and a regular contributor to major newspapers. He’s well known as an author because of his “Confessions of a War Child” trilogy. Chaker started a campaign called Candles of Hope, and invited people from all over the world to participate.

Candle of Hope is an application on which people have been lighting candles and counting ‘candles of hope’ instead of COVID-19 cases. The aim of the campaign is to spread positivity and hope and give people a break from the current situation.

“Let’s take a short break from the madness and fear around us, and light a candle of hope. Counting lit candles by each country instead of only counting COVID-19 cases and deaths,” said Chaker.

Some of the celebrities that joined the heartwarming campaign include Architect Mohamed Hadid, Model Nour Arida, and Director Nadine Labaky. A number of doctors and nurses as well have taken part in the initiative from all over the world.

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