A Scoop of Mosalsalat: Trouble in Paradise? Omar and Sukkar’s Romance in ‘B 100 Wesh’ Takes a Dark Turn!

“B 100 Wesh” has definitely become one of the winning series this Ramadan. Since the group robbery started happening, everyone has been loving the team spirit and the team itself, and especially the two main members recently started falling for each other.

From the time Asser Yassin, playing Omar, started expressing his feelings to Nelly Karim, Sokkar, or Sugar, as he likes to call her, we have been following their scenes together very closely! But the audience was split in half, some believed Omar and enjoyed every detail of their new love, while others were skeptical, doubting Omar’s real intentions.

Yesterday’s episode, however, was surprising to everyone, even those who predicted that Omar’s feelings towards Sokkar were not sincere. The episode showed Omar meeting his ex-girlfriend, listening to her complain about her husband, and even giving her a good night kiss!

Things did not stop there! Sokkar decided to take revenge, and make Omar regret whatever he did behind her back. It looks like the relationship between the two lovebirds we saw as our favorite couple just a few days ago will no longer be the same.

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