#WaraElCeema: Egyptian Director Raouf El Sayed on Aflamy, His Learnings From Michael Bay, and His Latest Ramadan Series!

On today’s episode of #WaraElCeema, we had an exclusive interview with one of the most iconic figures in the industry, Egyptian Director Raouf El Sayed. Raouf is the founder of The Roof Productions and the CEO of Aflamy. He studied Directing at New York Film Academy, graduating top of his class and winning the best film at New York Film Academy for “Blind Fate”.

Throughout his career, he worked with some of the biggest names on a local and international level, like Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, Doug Liman, Lynn Wisemen, Bruce Hunt, Hady El Bagoury, Tarek Al Arian, and more! Raouf worked on Transformers 2, Die Hard 4, Jumper, Fair Game, and many others. He created Al Mohayesoon, Bara2et Ekhtera3 Khorshed, and a whole bunch of TV commercials and TV programs.

WE SAID THIS: Stay tuned for more information about Aflamy!