Move for Good: A Much-Needed Campaign to Help Stay Fit While in Lockdown

As we’re spending more time at home now, some of us have lost track of when we last decided to move around the house, or just go for a walk.

To encourage people to move more during this quarantine phase, Rexona launched the initiative, ‘Move More Stay Home’, as part of its ‘Move For Good’ campaign to show people how small movements can make a difference.

And because this is the time to give back to the community, Rexona decided to “move” for a purpose and help people in need. Rexona partnered up with The TriFactory for their Stay Safe marathon, where for every 1 km completed by the movers, they promised to donate 1 Egyptian pound to the ‘Breathe’ campaign, that provides medical ventilators to people in need.

The campaign comes in line with Rexona’s vision and core beliefs that when we move more, we live more.

Additionally, to motivate more people to join, Rexona shared a series of lighthearted videos on different ways to do simple movements at home, and achieve great results.

So if you haven’t been very active lately, and especially with all the food we’re eating in Ramadan, get ready to join these people and start moving more at home.

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