A One-On-One With Abu On ‘The World Is Blind’ Gouna Performance & His Message For Gaza

Ever since his chart-topping hit “3 Daqat” that not only dominated the music scene in the region but across the globe, Egyptian singer Abu continues to make waves especially through his recent powerful Gouna Film Festival opening night performance of “The World Is Blind.” Through an exclusive sit down with the artist, we got to dive deep into the song and his special message for Gaza.

Via Dostor

Abu delivered a heartfelt tribute to Palestine through a rendition of “The World Is Blind”, a performance that was never planned for the festival. “Mohamed Samih Sawiris and Amr Mansy heard the (original arabic version) of the track and I got a call to come perform the song” Abu explained. It was all very sudden but it lead to having Abu experience the beautiful moment of standing on the stage, performing the re-vamped edition of the Palestinian children song in english. Beyond the song, even Abu’s outfit paid homage to Palestinians especially the Kufiyah patterned belt he wore under his black coat.

With pride, Abu spoke more about his connection to Palestine, “Egypt is there supporting Palestine, we as a nation feel like Palestine is an extension of us and we are an extension of them, we are trying all we can to end the genocide and support Palestine.” To truly dive into Abu’s performance be sure to watch the entire exclusive filmed interview.

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