Film Fest Finest: Get To Know The Powerhouse Jury Of El Gouna’s Cinematic Lineup

With the 6th edition of El Gouna Film Festival in full swing, its halls and theaters are introducing a special lineup of global and regional films that be placed under the critical lens of the GFF’s esteemed jury members. Let’s meet some of this year’s exciting panel.

The Swimmers Lebanese Star Manal Issa

Making waves during the 2022 festival circuit, Lebanese star Manal Issa became a household name after her powerful depiction of Sara Mardini, the rebellious sister who joined Yusra Mardini in swimming three hours and a half across the Aegean sea to flee war-torn Syria. Today, she is part of the Feature Narrative Competition jury.


Renowned Sudanese Filmmaker Ibrahim Shaddad

Dominating the Sudanese cinematic era that ran from the 1960s to the 1980s is renowned director Ibrahim Shaddad who brought to life truthful narratives that went beyond the political constraints of filmmaking in Sudan. This year, he is gracing the Feature Documentary Competition jury panel.

Beloved Lebanese Actress Razane Jammal

Keeping us in the edge of our seats with her juicy dramas like Al Thaman, acclaimed Lebanese actress Razane Jammal is continuing to make a mark in the entertainment world by joining this year’s Short Film Competition jury panel.

Acclaimed Egyptian Director Omar Zohairy

Known as the first Egyptian director to win Cannes Critics’ Week top prize with his widely renowned absurdist social satire feature film “Feathers”, Omar Zohairy has cemented himself as a dynamic and influential director. He will be channeling his ingenuity and expertise in this year’s Feature Narrative Competition.

Renowned Egyptian Documentarian Jehane Noujaim

Within Hollywood, documentarians barely receive the credit they deserve yet Jehane Noujaim is the exception as she became one of the most recognizable documentary filmmakers of her era. The Academy Award nominated director is joining the judge’s panel this year for the Feature Documentary Competition.

Award Winning Lebanese Filmmaker Wassim Geagea

Across international film festivals, Wassim Geagea’s realistic stories and unique style of filmmaking made waves . This year, he’s gracing the Short Film Competition jury panel.

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Jordanian Actress & Trailblazer Saba Mubarak

Shining bright in the entertainment world is Jordanian actress Saba Mubarak whose one of the few Arab stars whose repertoire includes a large number of highly successful international and regional films and TV shows including the hit Ramadan TV series “Tayea.” She continues to slay the industry by joining the jury panel of the Feature Narrative Competition.

This year’s jury panel is proving to be eclectic and special in its selection of experts within the thriving cinematic industry of the region.

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