Egyptian Band Sharmoofers’ Bold Anthem ‘Resala’ Delivers Direct Message To Israel

Music has always been one of the most powerful mouthpieces for social justice and for the expression of the truth. What is happening in Palestine has led to a burst of vocal resistance, one fueled by anger and frustration. Joining the cause is the popular band Sharmoofers, known for their own unique sound that blends comedic Reggae with pop-infused rock. Taking a blatant step in support of Palestine, the Egyptian band dropped a new song ‘Resala’.

Introducing the song to the masses, the band took to Instagram and shared the song through a post that featured the word ‘Resala’ (message) in Hebrew and Arabic. To them, this project is rather a message than a song as each of its lyrics is clearly directed towards Israel. Its words are laced with deep and relentless heartache for the fate of Palestinians aimed to cut through the ongoing injustice.

It is a hard hitting song because for every Arabic lyric, they accompany it with a Hebrew translation. They want the world to know that this is directed at Israel. Unashamedly relentless in speaking the truth, you can expect lyrics like “The smell of blood wafting out… and it doesn’t matter to you if it is the blood of a child, woman or sheikh” or “You irrigated the land with pain and harvested the regret.”

The lyrics are seeped in poetry and metaphor, showcasing the power of stringing words together to deliver a message. Since its release, people have been praising Sharmoofers for their ingenious anthem. Egyptian actor Amr Gamal expressed how he cannot stop listening to the song while Sherif Moneer’s daughter Asma Sherif Moneer commented with a simple “Obsessed.”

To get a feel for the power of ‘Resala’, you can listen to the full song on any of the major music streaming platforms.

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