Lychee’s Founder Mohamed Assy Talks Bold Expansion Into Saudi’s F&B Scene

Back in 2012, the popular Egyptian juice bar Lychee began its journey through a passion for creating a healthy lifestyle. From farm to fork, they have been serving Cairenes the freshest salads, juicy wraps and premium juices for more than 11 years. Today, they are embarking on a new and exciting journey of expanding into the Saudi Arabian market after securing a Series A investment led by Beltone Venture Capital.

Having already established itself as a household name in Egypt and already capturing a sizable share of the country’s $5 billion F&B industry, it makes sense for the health-conscious brand to continue its growth and explore new horizons. Lychee will be making its way to Saudi Arabia with the initial phase of the investment involving the opening of 30 branches in the kingdom.

The founder and CEO of Lychee, Mohamed Assy, spoke to us exclusively about the investment and what it means to Lychee, “Saudi Arabia is a big market – it’s a challenge to lead healthy f&b in the whole Kingdom, but we’ve proven our concept, our ethos and our mission in Egypt successfully. We won’t try and reinvent the wheel in Saudi, but instead, bring to the table what we know we have an edge and expertise in and eventually apply it across the region. That’s the real mission, regional market leadership.” 

The latest investment will not only support Lychee’s Saudi venture but will also help fund the doubling of their branches in Egypt by next year. Lychee’s growth represents its continuous commitment to bringing health-centric options to more and more communities.

When asking Assy what’s next for Lychee, he kept it simple, “Continue building on our brand, staying ahead of the curve with product innovations to expand our portfolio in that regard. Making our customer experience seamless and tech-driven. [In addition to] being the destination for healthier food choices across the region.”

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