9 Times Ghada Ebrahim Gave Zero F*cks

Ghada Ebrahim has been taking Egyptian social media by storm lately. From hairdos that no one appreciates to saying the weirdest things while being pranked by Ramez Galal, the actress has been bullied like no other this past year and we love how she has been reacting to the haters.

This woman has absolutely no filter on the red carpet, says whatever the hell she wants and it is hands down the best thing on the Internet. Here are all the times Ghada’s randomness put an unintentional smile on our faces.



When she called Leonardo Di Caprio “El Mozz” with no care in the world




When she was proud of being called Lady Ghagha, which rhymes with Lady Gaga, after calling out social media bullying as “safala”




Then she got back at them with a saf3a




And because out of everyone, Mahmoud Yassin is her teenage crush. Yet the best part of this video is when she pushed the TV host’s hand to show her face. Diva!




When she refused to talk about her project for Ramadan because her role might get stolen. Frankness like no other!




Her random posts


Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 12.35.59 PM



She’s a cat lady


Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 12.38.27 PM



Because she forgives everyone, even Bassem Youssef




And because she dances like there’s no tomorrow. She simply doesn’t care. If only we were that confident on the dance floor!


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