9 Things Egyptians Found More Interesting Than the Parliamentary Elections

You know all about Egypt’s parliamentary elections that have been taking place for the past couple of weeks — or maybe you just know about the tremendously low turnout at the polling stations and annoying signs and billboards crowding our streets.

The Egyptian government granted people time off of work to vote, got Yousra to encourage citizens to head to the polls and even asked Sama El Masry to promote the elections by riding a bike around, yet no one seemed to find it interesting enough.





Here are nine things Egyptians found more interesting than voting:



1. Safinaz dancing in a bikini in Sharm El Sheikh to “promote tourism”





2. Reham Saeed being put in her place by another TV show host and having her show canceled




3. The “super funny” Mohamed Ramadan celebrating Halloween




4. The 24/7 live broadcast of Star Academy




5. Samira Said’s new bipolar album




6. The Queen landing in Dubai




7. The Cairo International Film Festival’s breathtaking fashion


1 (1)



8. Especially Lucy’s Thanksgiving-inspired dress





9. And last but definitely not least, Lady Ghada!




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