9 Reasons Not to Leave Facebook Despite Hating It


As of late, Facebook has become more of a personal soapbox than a communication tool. I can’t count how many times I stopped myself from deactivating my Facebook account. But I’ve always ended up staying. So for all of you who are fed up with Facebook and are considering leaving, here are nine reasons you should give Facebook a second chance.


1. Facebook helps you discover new sides of life


On Facebook, people share their interests, write about the way they see life and question common beliefs. Maybe one day you will catch a thoughtful discussion that broadens your mind and helps you see a side of the world you never knew existed.


2. Facebook gives you ideas


It may seem trivial to see others sharing their day-to-day activities, which vary from posting pictures of their meals to shameless selfies to updating their statuses with “currently watching TV, feeling excited”. Every now and then, you might find someone reviewing a book, recommending a movie or sharing an extraordinary experience – something you can surely benefit from.


3. Facebook helps you stay informed fbbaby

Everything is on Facebook – I mean EVERYTHING. In just 10 years, social media has become one of the top sources of news. Television, radio and newspapers will update you with what’s going on in the world, but not as immediately as Facebook. Don’t isolate yourself.


4. You can stalk people on Facebook


Okay, let’s be honest. Most people use Facebook to stalk others, if they didn’t join for the exclusive purpose of stalking. Privacy should be respected but it’s not like they’re breaking into your bedroom. They’re only checking out what you have voluntary posted! If you are one of those people (and don’t lie – we all are), just please don’t comment on every single status you see. No one likes that.


5. Facebook allows you to share your special moments


I’m not talking about that selfie of you and your friend having a casual lunch at a restaurant. That’s not what I would call a special moment. I believe that the number of “likes” we get on our photos indirectly affects our perception of the quality of our day. It can be a simple photo with your family on your birthday celebration, but your caption saying “Can’t be more blessed” can help reinforce the truth behind the words, helping you realize how blessed you really are.


6. Facebook allows you to stay in touch with your relatives

facebook_happy birthday ecard

We are now in 2014; I mean, I know that exchanging visits with relatives is not that exciting – that’s why we end up doing it less often… okay, like twice a year. But the core idea of Facebook, which is connecting people, is clearly evident in the case of communicating with whom you rarely meet in real life, such as relatives and old friends from high school. Leaving Facebook would cut the last (and believe me easiest) communication tool between you and your relatives.


7. You can start a rebellion on Facebook


Facebook is a good tool to start a rebellion for anything you oppose or dislike and magically you’ll find people joining through sharing your posts or spreading your hashtag. But hey, don’t write “ugh I’m dying to leave this oppressive society” simply because your brother teasingly ate your Snickers.


8. Facebook helps improve your patience


Bearing all those useless and ineffective statuses will improve your patience. Not replying to silly comments about how mistaken you are will take your patience to a whole new level. And continuing to be a Facebook friend with people you disagree with most of the time will make you a true champion of patience.


9. You might enlighten someone on Facebook


For some people, it’s impossible, but I won’t lose hope. Similar to number one, perhaps your activity on the social network will help someone change their point of view and broaden their mind.


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