8 Modern Technological Advancements for Public Safety and Security

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The world has become unsafe due to threats of many natures. Be it terrorists advancing their radical agendas or cyber-criminals stealing private and critical information, a new danger looms over the world every day as it opens up new avenues through innovation and technology.

Thankfully, around the globe scientists have developed some state of the art devices and security systems which guarantee public safety, even in this day and age. Among these top security devices are pinpoint metal detectors that we see being used constantly to thwart the danger of assailants with weapons in closed public spaces.

Here are some modern advancements that have contributed tremendously to the safety and security of general public:

Campus-Wide Alert Solutions

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Networking is being improved to send emergency alerts directly from emergency call centers to affected areas via text messages and also engage concerned authorities to help neutralize the danger.

The CampusWide alerts have already been successfully tested in cases like natural disasters where the area under threat was warned in time so residents could get out safely and rescue teams acted proactively, minimizing the damages.

This technology can also be used in case of terrorist attacks on public places to guide civilians to safety and avoid panic. Previously, emergency-response centers had a more time-consuming process to reach authorities and had no contact with the affected party.

With the help of Campus-Wide Alert Solutions, the process of involving authorities and rescue teams has been streamlined and also successfully pacifying the crowds so that lives can be saved.

Pinpoint Metal Detectors

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In the effort to prevent any acts of hostility and terrorism, a pinpointer metal detector plays an important role. They are used to detect guns, knives, bombs or any concealed weapon that may be carried into closed spaces.

In many cases, pinpoint metal detectors are superior to walk through metal detectors because they indicate the exact place where the attacker might be carrying the weapon. They are also cheaper and therefore used by security agencies at schools, restaurants, banks, and other public places.

Due to the increase in gun violence in the U.S. pinpoint metal detectors are an essential layer of security to ensure public safety. They are also used by enthusiasts to find precious metals on beaches, hills, and even underwater.

Intelligent Automation

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A fusion of artificial intelligence and automation, Intelligent automation is truly cutting-edge technology in security and safety. Automated AI robots are being introduced to markets due to their high productivity and reliance as well as their ability to learn.

Public safety can be managed much more efficiently by robots given the right protocols. They are a solution to industrial security concerns where human guards are either untrustworthy or present high turnover problems due to long work hours.

With time, Automated Robot guards may be adopted by the public as well given how effective they are at securing entry points and also holding off threats.

While that may be in the future, automation in the present day is still something to behold. If you’re looking for automation implemented into your home, a high end Crestron installation will transform your home into a hub of innovative technology.


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There are multiple lines of defense in even common businesses these days. Managing all these layers of security is the purpose of Octopus, a Physical Security Information Management System. Octopus integrates all security systems into a smartphone app!

The benefit of having access to all security controls and also monitoring becomes very convenient through Octopus. Cyberattack alerts, security breaches, live feed from security cameras, and even more is available to make sure that your business is secure.

Octopus is not only convenient but also cost saving since it eliminates the need for accessory equipment and extra security personnel which can be expensive to install and maintain.


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This cybersecurity software is essential to have in the digital age. The biggest threat to businesses these days is the leakage of private information through hacks and digital espionage. Bluebox ensures that no infiltration gets past your line of cyber defense.

Bluebox keeps track of all applications, consumer, and enterprise alike, to make sure that only safe and allowed data is shared and immediately alerts the admin in case of an attempt to breach.

This allows users to keep their personal apps, which were formerly not allowed due to the security risk, whilst ensuring that no data gets in the wrong hands. In cybersecurity, this software should be at the top of every business’ list.

Samsung SmartThings Home Automation Hub

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Samsung is one of the world’s top two tech giants and is a hallmark for ingenuity. The Home Automation Hub is a device that connects to various sensors and ever circuit boards to give surveillance and control of the whole house.

Home-based security systems cannot get more complete as the Hub offers smoke detectors, water leak sensing, camera surveillance, and the option of switching lights on and off. It also connects to your smartphone and puts the control in your palm.

The product is also compatible with over 100 products and software including digital assistants like Google and Alexa. The compatibility and the alert system ensure that your house is kept safe from electric fires, gas leaks, water leaks, and break-ins.

August Smart Lock

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The much-needed upgrade for deadbolt door locks presents itself as the August Smart Lock. This dual-natured, Bluetooth enabled device opens with a key as well as digital pass and is also a state of the art lock that makes breaking in nearly impossible.

Protecting your house in a technologically advanced way definitely means beefed-up security. The August Smart Lock also keeps track of who accesses the lock and can even be set according to curfews to ensure children do not leave the house when it is not safe.


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It is a sad realization that traveling home alone is dangerous and puts you at various risks. The top application in personal security is Companion, which lets a chosen group of contacts know when you are walking home or traveling alone.

The app also lets one contact track your location at all times, even if they do not have the Companion app on their phone, a feature which its competitors don’t offer. It is complete with security protocols to contact emergency centers at the push of a panic button.

The app makes you feel secure when traveling alone right up till you reach your destination and your “companion” is informed.

With these technologies, devices, and applications, public safety is possible but there are still new threats every day and the need for protection and caution will not subside anytime soon. However, the world is always ready to work together and bring security features to make sure people can live their lives unharmed.

WE SAID THIS: Safety always comes first!

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