This Tribute Band Spreads the Sinatra Spirit Over the Holidays

Via The Sinatras

Who doesn’t dream of a white Christmas? But since we’re not lucky enough to witness snow in Egypt, then the least we can do is chill and enjoy Frank Sinatra’s warm tunes. From his iconic L.O.V.E to Fly Me to the Moon, Egyptian tribute band, The Sinatras, will bring the legend back to life.

New York… Right in the middle of cairo!

Posted by The Sinatras on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The jazz band that was consists of Vocalist, Gabriel Bishara; Pianists, Omar Hisham; Drummer and Percussionist, Seif Nasser; and Clarinetist, Mohamed Tannir. In addition to Guitarist, Khaled Ahmed, and Bass Guitarist, Mohannad Arrab. The band members each had a long reputable history before forming The Sinatras.

For instance, Gabriel, a former opera singer, came back from Hollywood after applying for an internship at Capitol Records, Frank Sinatra’s former record label! As for Seif Nasser, he once participated in Omar Khairat’s opening and in plenty of other events. 

If you go away ROOM Art Space & Cafe

Posted by The Sinatras on Sunday, October 7, 2018

Since December is the happiest month of the year, The Sinatras will be spreading their jolly vibes around Cairo. After throwing a successful gig at the Alexandria Opera House, the band will be performing on Christmas day at Darb 1718. And guess what! Tickets are already sold out! They’ll also be playing on the 27th at Bedayat and on the 29th at ROOM Art Space & Café. Of course, they wouldn’t miss out an important event like NYE, that’s why Stage ElZamalek will be on fire on the night of the 31st!

WE SAID THIS: For more information about tickets and the schedule, click here.