7 Organizations You Can Support Today to Help the People of Palestine

The Middle East is one of the world’s most unstable regions. For centuries the region has been dominated by instability, political conflict, and violence that came about as a result of the ongoing tension and political division within the region itself. The intensities of conflicts vary from country to country, but Palestine has always been the main focus of conflict impact for decades with no prospect for change in the near future.

The long-lasting political struggle between Israel and the Palestinians has resulted in not only political but also societal and economic deterioration that has been deeply affecting the Palestinian people, especially during such critical times that the world is going through. Therefore, we decided to list our favorite non-profit organizations that are currently working on different projects to help and support those in need. So scroll down to help your brothers and sisters in Palestine.

Donate to Visualizing Palestine to amplify their impact and promote justice and equality-based narrative of the Palestinian-Israeli issue. Make sure to visit their website for more info.

Help Rebuilding Alliance Organization to aid COVID-19 cases in West Bank and Gaza, click here to donate.

Show your support by donating to Middle East Children’s Alliance to provide clean drinking water to thousands of Gaza children, click here to place your donation.

Support 20 Palestinian female entrepreneurs by donating to Tomorrow’s Youth Organization, click here to donate.

Visit FemLENS to help women living in Gaza tell their stories through film and photography; click here to place your donation.

Also, make sure to visit Al Mezan Center For Human Rights to take part in protecting the human, economic, societal, and cultural rights in the Gaza Strip.

Jerusalem Center for Women is also one of the NGOs that are seeking to empower Palestinian women and enhance their capabilities to become an active member of society.

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