6 Saudi Digital Content Creators That Need to be on Your Radar

Digital content has never been more accessible. With tens of platforms to choose content from, it can get kind of tricky. However, we try to make it easy one article at a time. We have gathered for you Saudi Arabian digital content creators that bring to you travel vlogs, beauty and fashion tips, environmentally friendly information, and more! Here are six Saudi content creators that need to be on your radar.

Asrar Aref

With an endless passion for makeup and a unique sense of humor, Asrar Aref continues to amuse viewers with her fresh content. Known as Drama Queen, she’s a lifestyle and beauty vlogger on two YouTube channels, with around 3 million subscribers collectively. Moreover, she creates content on her Instagram account as well as on Tiktok! The Saudi creator is currently famous for failing at dying her hair.

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Tareq Al Harbi

Tareq Al Harbi is an artist, entertainer, writer, and director. He makes songs and hilarious sketches for his fans on various platforms. His social media handle is (6ar8o). Al Harbi has more than 1.13 million subscribers on YouTube, 2.2 million followers on Tiktok, and 9.4 million followers on Instagram. His content also gets featured on Tiktok!

Nirvana Abdul

Nirvana is an environmentalist, a mother, a fashionista, and a digital creator! She’s all about sustainability, beauty, and positive vibes. She shares her skincare routine, her dashing outfits, and her two cents on helping the environment through her Instagram page, where she has around 106k followers. There are also cute pictures of Abdul with her daughter.

Alaa Balkhy

Alaa is all about traveling, food, and beauty. The Saudi digital content creator posts on her Instagram account, which has 169k followers, about makeup tips, pictures of her designer outfits, and videos of her traveling around the world! Professionally, she’s an art director, illustrator, and podcaster.

The Saudi Reporters

The duo twin brothers, Abdulaziz and Abdullah are very famous for their humor and vlogging. They work independently on a small-scale, and together on a large scale. Their YouTube channel has over 8.39 million subscribers where they upload weekly videos of entertaining sketches, scientific experiments, and travel vlogging. They share snippets of their videos and work, along with their pictures together on Instagram as well!

Njoud Bent Mashaal

Known as Njoud, the Saudi creator is a traveler and fashionista. With over 1.81 million subscribers on YouTube, 1.6 million followers on Instagram, she also has fans on Tiktok. Njoud shares pictures and videos of her travels such as in Moscow, Japan, Singapore, and more. Her outfits are Hijabi chic, making her stand out among other digital creatives.

What are you waiting for? Go check them out.

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