6 Egyptian Female Painters That Take Their Art to the Next Level

Egypt has been a creative hub for different artists throughout history, and today, we have a lot of promising talents in the art scene. In this article, we decided to focus on painters, and particularly those who didn’t just settle down for just painting on a canvas. Instead, they went out of the box bringing creative forms of art into reality. Here are six inspiring artists we stumbled upon. Whether they’ve already creatively branded themselves, or they’re still making their way through the industry, we promise you’ll be astonished.



1. Manar Al Sharkawi



As known as Aiyanasloft on Instagram, Sharkawi ditched the traditional canvas world and decided to leave her vibrant bohemian print on other mediums. Other than her customized mobile phone cases and the colorful mandalas on notebooks, she’s mostly well-known for her wonderful murals. Who needs a small canvas when there’s a wall free of boundaries?



2. Sally ElBardesy



She took home decor to a whole new level with her well-established brand, Inbox House. If you’re the kind of person who loves a splash of color around the house, you’ll definitely fall in love with her Frida-inspired hand-painted furniture and decor.



3. Salma Tarek


Via Salma Tarek

Tarek also played around with furniture, however, Robabikya’s concept is totally different. As obvious as it sounds, the creative artist renovates wooden oriental chairs and stools with her magical brush strokes.



4. Farah El Araby


Via Farah El Araby


The young artist who recently started Araby’s Art, merges her art with nature’s own paintings. Her paintings on the triangular canvases look so real and vivid against the actual views.



5. Nadine Suleyman


Via Nadine Suleyman


Wear art not just a label, is the concept behind NSuleyman. The self-taught artist brands her work as wearable art that reflects the persona of the customer. Every t-shirt is one of a kind, specially customized for customers who sit and have a friendly talk with Suleyman at first. Their chitchat inspires her brush that randomly makes its way over the fabric, resulting in doodles that tell stories rather than anything else.



6. Farah Omar


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Besides her fine gold jewelry, Farah Omar offers a variety of hand-painted pure silk scarves. Her delicate products are more like masterpieces that will add some “très chic” to your wardrobe.



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