6 Reasons Why This Rideable Carry-On Won’t Sell Well in the Arab World

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Arabs are known for two very important traits, their obsession with luxurious things and always being late to their appointments — I would know, I’m an Arab.



That is why this rideable suitcase seems to be every Arab’s dream carry-on at first glance. It looks cool AF, it’s hassle-free, and it will save tons of time in the airport.


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But when taking a closer look, here are seven reasons why this product can never ever suit Arabs!



It only costs around a thousand dollars! 


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Prices range from 995$ to 1295$ — that is around 20,000 EGP. Some Arabs could easily afford that, but I doubt those Arabs even carry their own carry-ons.



Obesity in the Arab world


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From the statistics shown above, I highly doubt that the world’s first rideable suitcase could carry us.



The true reason why we’re late to flights


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Of course, Arabs are well-known for always being late, but let’s not throw all the blame on Arabs themselves. One huge reason is the endless questions we get asked from airport staff suspecting us of being terrorists.



We always overpack


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Who are we kidding, I’ve never seen an Arab traveling with just a carry-on.



Airlines limit for carry-ons




Modobag rideable suitcases are 8.6 kilos when empty! Most airlines only allow carry-ons that weight less than 7 kilos!



We care about what people think


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Why would anyone want to look that silly in an airport?



WE SAID THIS: Don’t try to make Modobag happen. It won’t happen.