6 Arab Designers That Are Making Trendy Face Masks So You Can Stay Safe In Style

Since we’re now forced to leave the house wearing face masks, why not wear them in style, especially as it seems we’re going to have to wear them for a few months at least!

Several Arab designers from Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and more, have started creating designer face masks for people to use amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not only do they look trendy and fashionable, they’re also reusable, so you can wash them and use them again. So if you don’t wish to buy the basic, disposable ones, now you have another option that you can even match with your outfit.

Scroll down to see our favorite ones so far.

Egyptian designer Marmar Halim

Egyptian designer Farida Temraza

Lebanese design duo Maria Hibri and Hoda Baroudi

Lebanese designer Eric Mathieu Ritter

Egyptian Mohanad Kojak

Jordanian Samia Alzakleh

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