5 Reasons Why Constructive Criticism is Helping Your Artistic Career

Being criticized for your work can hit really hard to the point that potential growth is inhibited. If taken in the right context, criticism can actually benefit your career, as it gives you space to grow and evolve as an artist. In the absence of criticism, as an artist, you can fall into an ego trap where the capacity to mould yourself into stronger versions of yourself is disabled. In light of this, we have condensed the thousands of reasons of the importance of constructive criticism into a reasonable amount for you to pay attention to.

With growth comes self-reflection

Without constructive criticism, self-reflection is not made possible. In order to develop as an artist, you have to be attuned with yourself, as there is no space for improvement without knowing where you are at. Criticism forces you to step outside of your comfort place and analyze your shortcomings authentically, and it is only through this that true progress can be experienced.

Increases insight and perspective

Without criticism, you are scrutinizing yourself only from your perspective, without extending this evaluation to other parties. By improving yourself merely through your own resources, you are not maximizing your potential as an artist. Allowing it in is actually an advantage as it enables you to come to the realization, that, you would not have otherwise realized on your own.

Enables transparency in the workplace

This is a crucial point, and let us explain it further. If constructive criticism was not expressed, there is a lack of rawness in the exchange of opinions. By enabling the possibility of being criticised and being okay with it, you create an open space in which people can freely share their thoughts without having to sugarcoat them.

Enables self-awareness

More than anything, self-awareness is heightened in the presence of criticism. Knowing yourself is a crucial tool to inner development and growth; as without awareness you do not have the capacity to mould yourself into better and stronger versions of who you are as an artist.

It’s a gift

Sometimes we fail to realize the deeply embedded value of criticism. Without it, we have no room for improvement, nor do we have access to resources to better ourselves. So next time you get criticized for your work, consider yourself fortunate, since you are more likely to hear criticism that will further your career.

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