6 Tested Ways to Gain Exposure as a Musician

Being a musician comes with both its rewards and challenges. Upcoming artists in particular, sometimes find it difficult to gain exposure, not because they’re necessarily untalented, but because they don’t have the tools to become recognized. So find out below seven tested ways to gain exposure as a musician!

Reach out to production agencies

It’s quite crucial to remember to find the fitting production agencies that will execute your ideas in an effective manner. If you want your work to be known, it has to target its audience in a way that makes a lasting difference. This can be done with the right production agencies, that use different methods to popularize your work.

Talk about provocative ideas

They may not admit it, but people want to be triggered. Touch on sensitive topics, and say what people are too scared to talk about, and your audience will respect your courage. Don’t get us wrong, there is no specific provocative idea. Don’t sell ideas for the sake of selling them, but talk about what stops you from sleeping at night, whatever that may be.

Get personal and validate your audience

More than anything, people want to feel understood. Identify the daily pains and struggles everyone goes through, talk about your own struggles, get connected, and people will go out of their way to hear you. Make them know that they are not alone, and produce music that touches on the right chords. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone! Being vulnerable is okay, in fact, its very precious, because people will feel like they are connecting with a person, rather than just a musician. Share your experiences, and you will create a bond through which people will relate to you.

Collaborate with artists

Put yourself out there and reach out to artists from different backgrounds. Collaborations are an effective way to get your message across, whatever that may be. By showcasing your music through different mediums, not only are you embracing your creativity, but you are extending your horizons, giving you a higher chance of getting the attention you want.

Stay in your own lane

This one’s very important! A lot of artists want to experiment with different styles, thinking that this will maximise their exposure. However, by specializing in your style of expertise and delving deep into it, you will be much more appreciated. After all, the narrower, the better.

And most importantly, stay true to who you are!

Being authentic is a characteristic that many fail to embody. It is not easy, it comes with a lot of trial and error, and lots and lots of practice. Trying to conform to the crowd separates you from being the musician you stand for. Desperately attempting to have an edge over other musicians will not get you the recognition you are looking for. Stay honest, stay true, and your audience will respect your rawness.

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