Criticism – Learn How To Accept It


Remember those abs you worked so hard for, for 3 years in order to get the perfect stomach? Was it worth all the sweat and pain? I think it was and is worth it. Despite whatever people may think how much your goal is stupid or shallow, it doesn’t matter because you wanted something and now you have it.

For instance, how many times have you heard the word “YOU CAN’T” how many times have people told you that what you are doing is illogical. I guess many, but think about how many times you conquered your fears by ignoring those loud voices, who asked you to QUIT on your dreams, just think about how amazing it felt when you got what you once dreamed of, regardless of what people said.

For this reason ,don’t let people’s cruel criticisms bring you down as they will always try to find a way to make you feel less about yourself or try & make you out to be someone you are NOT; don’t let them. If you want something, as long as it is not sinful or illegal, do it.

Therefore, you should just keep doing your best; trying hard, until it is done. Don’t just sit there daydreaming and saying what if.

Find a way to make it yours through hard work and determination, those are your keys to success.



Opinions are not facts, accept them and try to find in EVERY criticism an opportunity to become a better person and to improve yourself.

But again, learn how to differentiate between constructive criticism and the cheap whispers that may try to ruin your faith.