28 Things Everyone Tells Themself When Working Out at the Gym

We all have a love-hate relationship with the gym. Whether you’re a gym rat or you go a few times after New Year’s never to appear again until months later to try and miraculously get a beach bod, there are certain thoughts that tend to run through our minds every time we push ourselves to get fit.

Here are 28:


1. You can do it!


2. No, you can’t.



3. How many more do I have to do?


4. What should I eat after?


5. What is that woman wearing?


6. This totally counts.


7. Ugh. That guy needs to stop with the sounds…


8. I can’t.



9. F*** this. No seriously, f*** this.


10. Crotch shot! Must… look… away…


11. How many calories am I burning?



12. He really needs to shower.



13. I really need to shower.


14. How many calories did I eat today?


15. It buuuuuuuurns!


16. Did I get bigger?


17. Yea, I did.


18. Whatup, bruh?



19. Ten more minutes. No, more like nine. Nine more minutes.


20. Did I remember to check in at the gym on Facebook?



21. Am I doing this right?


22. Which gym selfie should I put on Instagram?



23. Look at those CrossFit idiots.


24. Whatup, bruh?

Woman at the gym


25. Two more minutes!


26. F*** this.


27. 6… 5… 432…


28. 1!


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