Viral Visual: This Video Proves How Clueless Men Are

Apparently, this video – which characterizes all women as crazy and some as mythical animals in a ridiculous graph – is “actually very spot on”. Listen, gentlemen: If you need a diagram to explain (and objectify) women, you’ve got 99 problems and a lady is one.

I’d bet the guy in the video, an attorney in the U.S. named Dana McLendon, rates somewhere in the “Never Zone” for a male version of this graph, which would obviously be the “Universal Rich/A**hole Matrix” – rich being on a scale from bankrupt scrub to $$$$$$$ and a**hole being on a scale from 4 to 10, “because obviously no man is less than a 4 a**hole” –  if we were to follow his shallow-minded thinking of male-female relationships. (What’s with the gun, Dana?)

If we’re going to stoop to Mr. McLendon’s level, the female “crazy” scale is better thought of as a range (in my head, I’m like a 5-7, which is probably more of like a 6-8 in real life…), depending on the time of the month or hour of the day or whether she’s had breakfast yet. Same goes for “hotness”, which varies according to the amount of her makeup, sleep and self-confidence and your sobriety.

All of that aside, this is seriously the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. I died. A few times. It just gets better and better (and proves further and further how clueless men are) and the end is gold! But Dana McLendon is still in the Never Zone.

Watch it for yourself and leave your thoughts in the comments.


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